Welcome to
Stephanie's International Cafe

Specializing in delicious, fresh breakfast items as well as select lunch items including salads, burgers, and sandwiches.


Welcome to Stephanie’s International Café

Located in the heart of the beautiful town of Sandy, Oregon, Stephanie's International Café offers its clients a perfect family environment.  In June, 2012, Stephanie's was purchased by one of their excellent cooks, Mr. Carlos Cob.  With many years of experience in the culinary world, the new owner wants you to know that the new Stephanie's is a perfect place for you and your family to enjoy a pleasant dining experience.

If you are visiting Sandy, Oregon or Mount Hood recreational area, stop by and enjoy the food and the atmosphere of Stephanie's International Café.

Stephanie’s International Café
39400 Pioneer Blvd
Sandy, OR 97055

The expertly trained staff is informed, and attentive and always happy to answer your questions about the restaurant or the menu. Our customers love the attention they get at Stephanie’s International Café. You'll have a great experience and will want to come back soon.

Fresh Ingredients

At Stephanie's International Cafe in Sandy, we only use the best and freshest ingredients in all of our dishes!

Friendly Staff

Our staff is always ready to serve you. When you visit us at Stephanie's International Cafe in Sandy , you'll have a great experience!